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A remote recording studio in your browser. Download separate HD tracks for each guest. No software to download, record with guests from your browser in a few clicks.

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Why Iris?

Iris is for anyone wanting to record podcasts or remote interviews in high definition.

  • HD Video & Audio

    We record your video and audio locally up to 4k and stream the video conference in 720p. This makes it much better than Zoom or any other video conference platform not optimized for quality. You can clearly hear the difference in your local vs remote audio recording.

  • Your video and audio are always safe

    We progressively back up your recording to the cloud while you record. All of video and uploading done with encryption for your privacy and security so you can rest easy while you interview or podcast remotely.

  • Record now or schedule for later

    Immediately start recording and invite others to join or plan ahead and schedule a recording for later date. You can schedule ahead send invites to add to your calendar quickly.

  • Separate Video & Audio Files For Each Guest

    We encode the files so you don't have to. We give you the audio in WAV (lossless) and MP3 (optimized) and the video in MP4. Now you have the files in the format you need to edit or upload to a podcast host.

  • Use from anywhere

    No need to install any software or make your guests install software, Iris works online right in your Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Edge, Brave, or Safari* browser.

  • Team members

    Easily add team members and set permissions so that some can just record and download recorded files and others can invite users, set permissions, and update billing.

Here's what our customers say

Learn how people around the world use Iris to record high quality content.

Using was one of the best decisions we made when launching our podcast. It has not only allowed us to coordinate easily among our remote team but it's given us the flexibility we need to make sure the audio that makes it into our episodes is high quality.

Nick Caruso

Iris is perfect to capture full frame interview with great audio and video quality. Technical support is fast and very helpful :)

It is a pure joy to record on, because it wonderfully clear, simple, and most reliable. Iris delivers the best possible recording quality.

Christiane zu Salm

Since we started using our fans have noticed the difference and we are quite happy with the content upgrade! It's quite easy to use as well, which makes things go smoothly during a high-paced editing timeline.

Iris is amazing. The audio quality is super sharp and the dashboard is so intuitive! This has absolutely saved me hours in the day. makes inviting guests to join our podcast super easy. No software to install. No meeting ID’s to remember. Just simple.

Facile, intuitivo e di qualità perfetta.

Iris developed into our favorite solution to produce remote interviews with podcast guests around the world. It‘s easy to use, provides high quality recordings and just works without any problems.

Besides the high quality video and audio, their IT/Technical Support team always responds immediately to help me figure out any issue that I may have quickly so it does not impact my scheduled interviews with guests.

Pricing & Plans

Record up to an hour for free. No credit card required.

$9 /mo
  • 2 hours of recording

  • High quality separate files

  • Video conference files

  • Team members

  • Record more for $5/hour

$19 /mo
  • 5 hours of recording

  • High quality separate files

  • Video conference files

  • Team members

  • Record more for $4/hour

$29 /mo
  • 10 hours of recording

  • High quality separate files

  • Video conference files

  • Team members

  • Record more for $3/hour

Need a larger plan? Write into support and we can help.

Frequently asked questions

Does it work on any browser or cell phone?

Iris works on Chrome, FireFox, Brave, Edge, Opera, and Safari with desktop computers, laptops, iPhones, and Android phones.

Discounts for non-profits or universities?

Write to our support team and we can add a discount to your account. We love to support non-profits and universities!

What is the max number of people who can record at once?

You can have up to 9 people online from any location in a recording room at one time.

Is there an app?

Nope! Iris works with every major browser on any device so you and your guests don't have to download or manage another piece of remote video software or audio podcast software.

How are the hours charged?

We bill off your overall recording time. So if 4 people record a 1 hour episode. You will be charged 1 hour.

Do you offer the possibility to pay annually?

Yes, you can sign up for one of our yearly plans which include a 10% discount.

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